Ainüw®: artificial intelligence and ethical rules

Our line of business is humain modeling and its behavior.

We aim to promote an innovative and European approach to artificial intelligence.

Data processing will be based on strict ethical rules:

 Full privacy respect
 Uncompromised protection and safety
 User consent required
 Open access

well-being and leisure

It models the personality of any physical, moral or virtual entity. It then analyzes the potential interactions and relationships between these entities to identify the most favorable partnerships.

The complete technology will be developed in steps.

Each of these steps will open new markets: individual coaching, recruitment, dating, career guidance, multimedia, industry 4.0, big data analysis, etc.

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Step 1: Discover who you are

It is an individual coaching freeware analyzing your personality and your particularities in order to propose the ideal encounter match or suitable job assignment.

It will allow you to better perceive all the facets of your personality. It aims to help you in your daily life: personal, professional, interactions and relationships, leisure activites, your well-being in general.

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Step 2 : Discover the dating-recruitment area is a SaaS assessment service for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and temporary employment agencies.

It is straightforward to use and offered at an accessible price to all parties.

It allows you to assess interactions and relationships between individuals and legal entities. analyses reciprocal affinities between a company and its interlocutors, whether they are employees, service providers or candidates.

What’s next? Discover the virtual personalities area

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The team

Laurent Baudet

Laurent Baudet

Co-founder of Ainüw
Production director

25 years of experience,
Interactive entertainment
and multimedia industry

Yann Gainche

Yann Gainche

Co-founder of Ainüw
R&D director

25 years of experience, Interactive entertainment
and multimedia industry

Eric Gachons

Eric Gachons

Co-founder of Ainüw
Lead programmer

25 years of experience, Interactive entertainmentand multimedia industry

Serge Blehoua

Serge Bléhoua

Institutional relations

10 years of experience 
with politicians

Matthew Perget

Matthew Perget

Editorial director

5 years of experience,
journalism industry

Frédéric Pudleitner

Financial partnerships consultant

25 years of experience, 
microelectronics industry / fintech (EU & NA)

The partners

logo SpirOps

Spir Ops

Artificial intelligence R&D company

Franck Ganier

Scientific Advisor

Psychology teacher-researcher at UBO
Researcher at the Lab-STICC CNRS